Clips 6/25/11
June 25, 2011, 5:09 pm
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Starting a new segment here. Everyday I run the major skate websites and blogs in my google reader. I’ll share what I think is sick. Simple as that.

These B-sides are proving to be just as, if not more exciting than the final Stay Gold edit itself. I love watching raw skating without music and hearing the banter in between takes. Here we have one of the most gutsy and eccentric rail skaters of all time. For his finally, he took it to the mega. With no guidance. Makes 9 stairs look like she she. When he paces before the make at the end. Dang bro, can’t imagine what’s going through his head. You the man Heath, ain’t no one denying that. I back your retirement.

The kids over at Quarter Snacks did us OGs good. Happy 15th Anniversary to one of my favorite videos growing up, World’s Trilogy. So many heavy hitters. A lot of whom are still going strong today. Can’t never turn off this skateboard thing. If I can gather my thoughts, maybe I’ll attempt to make a statement on Trilogy’s impact at the time and its influence today.

Some dude is making a skateboard doc featuring Pontius Alv and Bobby Puleo. Am I showing my age by caring about this? Don’t answer that.

Damn brah, Eli, that boy is good! Equally creative as is technically impressive. Gotta watch this one a couple times. Make it a point to throw some weird in the mix. I tend to lose track when seeing clips of 15 year olds rocking the Jay and Silent Bob (long hair and beanie) look doing smith grinds down 16 stair rails. That shit is awesome but man, if you are that good imagine all the other tricks you could do? Just saying. I get hyped on street skating, not only cause its what I did growing up, but its just more tangible. I can’t relate to super good skating, park footy, or big rails, if its too perfect I am less interested is all. I got mad respect for it though. Dudes going to the hospital for the glory.

Traffic Report with Max Murphy. These things always make me wanna get bigger wheels and find doo doo spots. You ever try popping a kickflip on some harsh ass road? It’s challenging. In other news Ricky O waxes (or unwaxes) about Love Park in his upcoming Later’d.

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