Think Skateboards – One Finger (2011)
May 27, 2011, 1:28 am
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In my 17 years of boarding never thought I’d utter these here words, but Think Skateboards is quickly becoming one my favorite companies. Just raw street skating, raw edits, and good design. They are keeping it real, and their restructure has been similar to that of the New York Knicks, not yet winning championships, but still cooler than the Mavs. These dudes and BLVD have put out my favorite clips this year. Stoked on the BLVD program, clean design, clean skating, doing it right. I can see why they are attracting folks like Supa. Summer time.

On the Olde Ivory end, nothing much to report other that we are gearing up for the pizza party at Mercury Bar (Honolulu) June 17th, 2011. Free booze(while it lasts), free pizza, (while it lasts), some interesting artwork to say the least, and good music. We promise to keep the phototogs to a minimal. We’re down, but that shit can be distracting. Get yours.

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