Meet Comedianne Janine Brito
April 24, 2011, 12:27 am
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Saw a great young comic from SF the other night at the Bridgeport Comedy Fest while checking out the homie. The last bit in this clip is priceless.

Janine Brito started doing standup comedy in St. Louis and has performed at clubs and theaters throughout the US and Hong Kong. Now a rising star on the San Francisco scene, she is a regular at the Punch Line, winner of the 2009 SF Women’s Comedy Competition, recipient of Rooftop Comedy’s 2010 Silver Nail Award, and member of the Laughter Against The Machine Comedy Tour. A sarcastic, snarky smart bomb of comedy funk straight from the 80′s, Janine has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle and The SF Weekly called her “a mean lesbian”. But she’s pretty sure that they meant it in a good way. Janine’s website is

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