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April 6, 2011, 11:49 pm
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The rad thing about growing up on an island is the tight knit punk rock community and the music, ideals, and memories you take with you from that little community all of your life. The shitty thing is that its an island and medium-small size bands don’t hardly pass through. Well, some kids (20 year olds, how old are you guys?) took it upon themselves to do shit in the true spirit of the punk rock and not only bring down one awesome band, but throw their own dang DIY punk rock festival!! And I’m backing this 200%. I spent many sleepless nights thinking that the next generation in Hawaii was missing out on all ages shows, but the resurgence in the past few years has got me stoked!! Props to everyone involved. Donate to the Kickstarter and get a bunch of free shit. I amped on this. Good job kids! You made a 92 year old man extra hyped.

Our mission is to create an all-ages annual DIY punk rock music festival that celebrates Hawaii’s music scene. We welcome involvement from any band/person/animal/alien that is interested.

Funds from our Kickstarter will be used to bring down some bands from the mainland that have supported our projects by agreeing to pay half or even all of their airfare. Any money left over will be going to either bringing down more bands, or directly back to you guys as prizes or discounts or whatever we can afford! We the organizers, aren’t making any money off of this – this is all done with love and passion. A lot of the money will also go to cover our costs of booking venues and accommodations for the bands.

We have fundraiser shows scheduled throughout the months of March and April at venues like 4Playz in Aiea and Asterisk and Nextdoor in Honolulu, with bands from Narwhal to Pimpbot to Hell Caminos throwing their support behind us!

We are using the power of Kickstarter to help us subsidize the high costs of throwing a punk rock festival in Hawaii! Please donate anything you can. Every little bit helps. All of the money raised will got to feeding and housing bands as well as providing transportation for them around the island of Oahu. The Hawaii punk rock scene has helped to shape us into the radical human beings we have become today. Now it’s time to give a little back! Incentives include:

Buttons! T-Shirts! VIP Admission to shows! Stickers!

Please help us spread the word!

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